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If you are a non-native English speaker, then you are in the right place!

At Genius Abroad, we support professionals and students with some of the biggest challenges most of us experience in our lives – career and wellbeing management. Choosing a career that is not fulfilling often leads to unemployment, burnout and low mood. On the other hand, planning and managing your career well can offer immediate satisfaction and a prosperous professional life.

When should you contact us?

Perhaps the first question you need to ask yourself is: Am I happy with my career? Our question to you then would be: Does the wrong career path matter? Given that the average worker spends over 3,500 days at the workplace, yes. For example, did you know that the most common cause of stress is work-related stress? In the UK, each year, as many as 76% of employees report moderate to high or high levels of stress. This can lead to sleep problems, general aches and pains, raised blood pressure, headaches, weak immune system, muscle tension and digestive issues. Consequently, the wrong career path can lead straight to mental health problems. These can include anxiety, anger problems, depression, substance abuse, and addiction.

How can we help?

Career planning

I don’t know what to do with my skills

I am not what I can do with my degree

I am not sure which university and which degree I should choose

I am not sure what I am good at

I would like to find out more about myself by exploring my options and learning more about my skills, values and general preferences

I would like to change my career and explore my options

CV writing

My CV is not getting me any interviews and I would like to know why

I am not sure how to ‘sell’ myself well on my CV

I need someone to professionally proofread my CV

I am not sure what to include and what to omit on my CV

I need to rewrite my CV for a new job

Using LinkedIn and other platforms for job search

I am not sure if I need to have a Linkedin profile

I don’t know how to use Linkedin

I want a new profile or to develop my current one

My current profile is not getting me anywhere

I would like to save time and need you to help me with my job search

Working and studying in the UK

I would like to study/work in the UK but don't know how to go about it

I need help with job/university applications

I need your support with my visa application

I need your help with my personal statement

I would like to improve my interview skills

Current students and graduates

I have just graduated but can’t get a job

I am not sure how to apply for internships and/or scholarships

I don't know what to do with my degree

I don’t seem to be able to convert an interview into a job offer

I can’t get beyond the assessment centre stage

I would like to find out more about my skills and values

I am not sure what I am good at

My CV needs to be improved or updated

Career change and retraining

I would like to explore my options with you

I would like to find out more about working/studying abroad

I am not sure what I need to do to achieve my goals

I am unclear about the qualifications I am interested in

I don't like my job but not sure what I can do with my skills

Job interviews and job search support

I keep applying for jobs without success

I need to improve my job interview skills

I need someone to help me with my job search

I would like to learn how to manage stress during interviews

Stress management and emotional health

I feel depressed and need some confidential support

I would like to learn how to manage stress better

My confidence is very low and I don't know how to change this

I would like to be more positive about my life

I often get angry, upset and irritable and would like to talk about it

English lessons

I need your help to pass my IELTS exam

I need to improve my English in order to work/study abroad

I would like to practise my English to pass my job interview

I need help with my university, job applications, CV or cover letter

I would like to practise my spoken English for personal reasons